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Every Job
Starts With Us.

Icon Protection™ is a collection of powerful brands known for protecting jobsites and trades. Jobsites are places full of possibility and opportunity, where men and women of the trades work with purpose and pride to meet exacting and demanding expectations and deadlines. Icon Protection prepares the jobsite and allows the craftsmanship of the trades to shine.

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We thrive on the relentless pursuit of service and innovation. That pursuit compels us to be at the start and finish of every successful project. We exist to prepare and protect the jobsite so that the trades can excel. Prepping the jobsite is job one on a long list, and it starts with us.

Work Smart.

We collaborate so that we can innovate. We know two heads are better than one, and the best, most effective solutions are created when we combine our experience and agility.

Work Humbly.

We know what we do is important, and we let the work and the products speak for themselves. Our actions match our values, and that integrity means that we can trust each other and as a result, the trades trust us.

Win Together.

Collaboration allows us to become the best version of ourselves and deliver the best experience to our customers.


Each brand in the Icon Protection™ collection is a respected name in the industry. Each of them represents quality, durability, and dependability. Together, our people, products, and services will continue to define and evolve the surface protection industry.