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Icon Protection unites four pioneers in surface protection: Ram Board®, Surface Shields®, Trimaco®, and Antinox®. This group has more than 1,000 years of combined industry experience. Imagine how many opportunities we have had to hone our ability to innovate and solve problems with meaningful solutions. So many, that we now have six strategically located manufacturing and distribution facilities around the United States and have set a similar foundation in the United Kingdom with the addition of Antinox to better serve, support demand, and provide quality control. Through our dedicated Sales Reps, we have ensured that if there is an opportunity to uncover or solve a problem, we will be the ones to prepare and protect each jobsite so that all trades can succeed.

Yet we have not become complacent. Being an icon means using the foundation that we’ve built and actively pairing strength with the wisdom needed to innovate for the future.

Icon Protection’s parent company is Garland Industries, which is a company like none other. Garland Industries’ roots were set in 1895 and the company has pushed the commercial building industry forward ever since. Believing in a “people-first” mentality – whether Garland employees or Garland customers – has been an integral part of Garland’s success and will continue to be paramount to Icon Protection. Our Customers. Our People. Our Duty.

Garland Industries and Icon Protection look forward to the future when we can put into practice an important lesson and guiding principle we have picked up over these many years: Much more can be accomplished when we work together.

We will be successful because we will be a company that is always confidently preparing the jobsite for success.

And we’re well on our way to making that vision a reality.


You won’t find a team that has seen more jobsites than we have. In 2021 alone, we prepared jobsites with: